4 September 2013

CreativeJS — Introduction to JS graphics programming

This special one day introduction to graphics programming in JavaScript is aimed at anyone interested in experimenting with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas to create visual effects, animations, and interactions. It’s a much more interesting way to improve your JavaScript skills than form validation!

This workshop is different — every concept and principle we learn about is visual. We learn about variables by changing the position of rectangles. We learn about loops by making multiple shapes on the screen. Arrays and animation with particle systems, and logic and objects with a simple game engine.


This workshop is aimed at designers with basic beginner level JavaScript skills. You should at least know about variables, if statement, for loops and simple functions. The code itself will be simple, so it’s ideal for anyone who has just started working with JS. If you’re very experienced at JavaScript, it will probably be too basic (but the CreativeJS 2D and CreativeJS Games workshops could be for you).

Seb Lee-Delisle